Monday, August 24, 2009

That Little Tart

Geez it's windy outside! It sounds like I'm by the ocean, not a forest. Spring schming! This weather's just weird. I'm home alone with the littles tonight and despite the spooky wind tunnel hoo hoo noises and the likelihood of another power failure I'm feeling quite cosy here in my little cubbyhouse.

That brings me to comfort food. If the weather doesn't become a little more conducive to outside activities soon, I fear that just as Winnie the Pooh found himself confined to Rabbit's burrow after consuming too many honeypots, I too may need to liberate myself via extreme fasting.

This particular lemon tart recipe has not helped matters. When I spied it on Leonie's blog I practically ran to the kitchen to whip it together. The photos are of the second attempt at baking this ridiculously yummy dessert, not because the first was a failure, but because the first one was pretty much inhaled out of the oven and scarfed before my camera had a chance to admire it.

Actually that's a bit of a lie. Leonie's lemon tart looked way prettier than mine, which was kind of goopy. But tasted good.

Needless to say, in the not too distant future, (ie. after I've tried out a few more bodacious baking recipes) I will boot away the Winter blues and big bellies with a decent Spring cleanse. I just hope I can convince my coinhabitants to do the same...

Friday, August 21, 2009

All the Pretty Little Peonies

Peony flower / timelapse from munich timelapse on Vimeo.

I spied this on Pia's beautiful blog which is always full of pretty things which inspire and are full of soul.

I fully intend to dabble in the art of peony growing in this mountain patch of mine. Lovely.

The Cocoa Incident

It happened in a flash, when I was chopping vegies right next to her.

I picked up the camera.

And let her go for it a little longer. She still smells sweet. I could eat her up.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Week of Weather

First there was this.

Then this.

Then a bit more of this. (This one brought Bambi out of the woods).

And then, a little of this.

Which gave rise to this.

I failed to get a shot of the extreme wind which blew the barbecue cover into a ditch up the road and of the power blackout which lasted for most of Sunday. Two blackouts in the two months we've been here then. Not such a good rate.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Look Who Came To Visit.

Can you see them? Behind the cubby, through the fog.

We had heard we've had deer visiting and seen some evidence of nightime visits but it was under the cover of thick all-day fog today that they came to visit and nibble the grass. They can go for it if it helps keep the lawn trimmed. There's way too much of it.

It may be a different story once I have vegie seedlings in but for now, they're welcome guests.