Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Scream (or Wednesday Whinge)

It's a cold, cold day in Melbourne today. There's a temporary lull in the house which has resembled that of Victoria's place yesterday. Hence the title of this post. I'm less likely to cry than to scream (on the inside) and feel very much like the fella in Munch painting.

The house is waaay out of control. Stickiness and dustbunnies abound. The pilot light in our heater keeps going out so I'm trying to dry loads of laundry in front of a small column heater. A brutal fight just broke out between two possums in the ceiling and I am now typing one-handed because my baby thinks that my hip is the only place she can be today without crying. She also believes that the only way to eat food is to smear it from head to toe. My big girl is on the couch giving her (loud) voice a rest by drawing in a picture book - I can't even summon up the energy to tell her to find some paper to draw on.

Luckily there's a big apple pie in the oven which will be ready in about 15 minutes to keep us all happy for a little while...

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13mimosa said...

You know, it's such a constantly evolving thing, this parenting. Only last week, after screaming at bedtimes, constant "discussions" over everything (with the youngest only) I decided I just HAVE to slow things down. I cancelled swimming and just took time with Leila to DO things at her pace. I've tried to keep to that and really, she is a child who is so bright and yet can't deal well with her frustration, so I have to be slow to let her manage herself. It's hard though, when you feel the constant pull to get everything done. I know that saying about your kids not remembering how clean the house with, but always reminding you of when you didn't ever have time for dress up play. That's all good and well, but some things as mothers we need to do for our own sanity, so we feel our corner of the world is in control! So if you ever feel like getting out with the girls, to get things in control and out of the house, drop me a line and we can do it all together!