Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Magic of Mushrooms

There's a space under our house which I call 'the cave'. When I first went in there the rich, earthy smell evoked thoughts of the delicious fruits of the earth that would grow and thrive there.

Several weeks ago we went to St. Andrews market and picked up a mushroom kit to get our little funghi crop started.

Everything we needed was contained in the kit. All we needed to provide was a dark space and a daily spray of water. At that point I ditched the plans to grow our 'shrooms in the cave and for lack of better judgment put the box in the linen cupboard.

Within days, tiny white spots began to appear in the soil.

Black spots appeared throughout the linen cupboard.

I re-housed the mushroom box to a spot under the kitchen sink and washed my towels and sheets.

And we've had a plentiful supply of fresh, buttery swiss brown and white mushrooms ever since!

For now the cave remains empty, but may well come in handy when I can get my hands on some shiitakes.

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Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

Great pics of all the shrooms! & that cook up looks mighty tasty!