Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And Now We Are Four!

I think I have landed with both feet on the ground. I'm tired but not devastatingly so(yet) and I feel like I've recovered from the birth really well. Although my first crack at birthing was drug and intervention free too, it knocked me around so much more. This time was quick (4 hours all up), intense but also incredibly peaceful. I had a sense of when i was moving into different phases of labour as the sensations and my consciouness changed and i could feel the baby moving down with each powerful, efficient contraction. That, and yoga breathing helped me to stay with it and ride each one like a wave. Isn't the body amazing with its innate capacities and wisdoms?

My midwife, in her wisdom, gave me the space to actually catch my slippery little bub as she birthed. Don't worry. I'm sure she would have been right in there had I needed her to be.

And now I am completely in love with my little Willow and my love for big sister Arie has only deepened since we became a family of four.

I'm occasionally finding my thoughts straying to fantasies of such impossibilities as meals in fancy restaurants, heavy gardening sessions, going back to uni, intrepid holidays, the purchasing of homes, the wearing of gorgeous outfits, oh and getting some housework done, but I bring myself back to the fact that this period of time is so fleeting. I am unlikely to ever have another newborn and I am lucky to be able to be at home with my babies for now. Everything else can wait and i'll be a lot happier if I can surrender to it.

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