Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Too Much Butter in the Batter?

Earnest Baking

Spooky Gingerbread Men
Spooky looking characters but only because we were a little rough with the cookie cutters, as you can see by the amputee there.
Gingerbread Blobs
Oh well. They tasted good.


Camilla @ Designalogue said...

and those shapes didn't give lill Miss nightmares?!!
Very cute lill cookie miss!

Hyena In Petticoats said...


I laughed out loud when I saw the smooshy ones at the end!

This is like all of my baking - I swear my oven has a poltergeist that ruins all the cupcakes. grrrr.

I've just missed about 3 months of your posts because I'm a freaking idiot. Good to see you're posting again!

Leah xxx