Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And sew, a new hobby.

New Toy
I have a new toy and and am yet to learn how to drive it. I missed my chance as a kid to learn how and recently when I asked mum why she taught my sister how but not me, she replied "because she was interested". Oh. So now I'm interested but I think I'll be learning how on my own. Although I have enlisted the trusty best friend for a 'sewing day'. Don't know how much sewing will get done though with three kidlets between us.

My sewing ambitions are humble. But I'd love to be able to whip up a little frock or a pair of summer pants for my girls, do a minor alteration and perhaps tackle the occasional softie. That's all. Watch this space...


Camilla @ Designalogue said...

Hmm...thats IF you get it threaded!!!
Good luck with that sissa!

13mimosa said...

I think your goals are super achievable - if you can just drive straight, you'll be fine. I think reading a pattern can be tricky for a "learner" but if you have a best friend (or mum in my case) at hand, it all becomes clear - eventually.

Tiel said...

I'd love to sew garments for my kids. I just don't have the patience it seems. I love sewing straight-lines and enjoy quilting. I feel like I'd like to learn, but the kids keep me too busy and I don't have the time. Crazy ha? Maybe oneday when I am a granny!

You need to find someone who has a tad more experience than you so you can get together and nut out the same sewing project. You'll learn from each other.

here is a website with a cute little skirt that is (apparently) super easy to make. Click on the link to the right hand side. Lazy day skirt.

good luck