Friday, December 12, 2008

Puddle Jumping


Did you see the sunset last night (in Melbourne)? It was the most delicious, glowing pink, orange and blue splattered right across the western sky and of course my photo hardly does it justice. I was thinking that such a sky was a sign of clear weather to come but it seems was instead a harbinger of juicy, soaking rain, which in turn sparked pleas of "Mummy, let's jump in puddles, pleeeeeze".

So we did.

I Can Jump Puddles

And someone else had the same idea.

Two Puddle Jumpers
The Munchkin Puddle Patrol

On another note, we have had to say goodbye to Mum's dear dog Latte.

Good Dog Gone

A dear doggie, window licker that he was. Wowow will be sadly missed Mum, especially by a little person who I haven't had the heart to tell yet.


Amber said...

Oh so so so sorry to hear that. Poor little thing. What a perfect little face.
As for the sky...OH MY GOD. That looks amazing..
Puddle fun is priceless..xx

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

Good to see Munchkin No 1 was even wearing her tutu then!!!