Saturday, December 20, 2008

All About the Christmas

Advent Table

It's all about the Christmas at our house. Thankfully my folks Kris Kringle so there's not so much buying to do (would I do it anyway?) and we can focus on the other aspects of the silly season, like the advent table for instance. In my efforts to introduce a little ritual and tradition into our household, I set up a little table to nurture a sense of anticipation and gratitude. I've taken my cues from our Steiner playgroup although ours is only very loosely based on the Christian traditions and is more about gratitude to the elements of nature and the things they provide. The photos are a bit shit but you get the idea.

As well as the gorgeous felt Advent calendar that was a gift to my girls from Mum, we've got items on the table that represent mineral, vegetable, animal kingdoms and some little people representing mankind. The idea is that each Sunday of the lead up to Christmas a candle is lit and new objects are placed on the table, finalized by the appearance of the Christ child on Christmas morning. As my oldest girl is just three we've kind of altered things a little according to what she could take in and how long the little ritual of candle lighting, some words and object placing could hold her attention. I think we'll skip the baby Jesus. The candles precipitated a round of 'happy birthday' and at the end just as I was thinking the table looked so pretty, she announced it was 'packing up time' (we have a song that goes with that) and proceeded to deconstruct my little vignette and put everything away! I guess we'll just do it again and I can't complain about willingness to pack up. Maybe the concepts will sink in a little more next year.

Advent Table

Another really nice thing we did the other day was go to a 'crybaby' performance of Christmas Carols at a church in Richmond and sung by the Women of Notes Choir. My big girl decided it was too loud until she started recognizing the songs and enjoying a bit of Rudolph and Santa. I think the 'too loud' was just really good acoustics in the abbey and the high pitch of the women's voices. Apparently these crybaby sessions are run throughout the year, funded by local council and sponsored by 3mbs radio although funding has been cut for that area. Bugger! Just when I finally got around to going.

And now some mangoes.


And a peony, because they're fun to use the macro function on my camera with.



P.S Did I make it sound serene and organised at our house? Ha! I have two snotty, grumpy kids who can't bear for me to be more than 10cm away, a bazillion things to get done before Christmas day, a house of clutter and chaos and a massive headache layered over a sleep-deprived sandy brain. No wonder I walk around taking photos of flowers with my one free hand!


Amber said...

Oh I still feel serene even though you say they are hectic. Beautiful photo's lovely lady.
May your babies be better soon.
You nature table is perfect, I love it....
Take care and merry christmas to you and your family..xx

13mimosa said...

Your house sounded nothing like mine until you got to the PS. Both girls here have been sick for the past 10 days and today is the first day I've felt normal.