Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happiness Tree

Several weeks back the lovely Amber tagged me for the Happiness Tree award. Fitting really, as Amber's blog always reminds me to notice the beauty in my day to day life and be thankful for it. So here are 6 little branches of my tree.

1. Daylight in Autumn. There's something about the light at this time of year. A clarity and crispness combined with the chill of the mornings and change of colour in the leaves as they prepare to drop.

2. My little family. My folks. My peeps. Those who(m)? I share my home with. They make me laugh, they drive me crazy and are the main trunk of my happiness tree.

3. Morning coffee. A vice. A necessity. It makes me happy. Image from here.

4. Interiors Magazines. I spend way too much time reading/devouring them and way too much money buying them but I justify this addiction by telling myself I am building up a reference library for our future renovation projects. (Hehe) The above image from Toast. I reel in horror at the thought of desecrating a mag by ripping out a page so instead I have been a total geek and scanned favourite pages into my computer instead (as demonstrated by my dodgy scanning skills). Most images here are from InsideOut Magazine. Probably my favourite and my best.

(See how difficult I'm finding this keeping to only 6 things that bring me happiness?!)

Image from Isophotography but I've totally lost the link.

4a. Beautiful Photography of pretty things. I can't get enough of it. (See no 4) Beautiful images are soul-soothing and uplifting. The ones above are all from InsideOut magazine- I think! If I have swiped one from your blog I apologize in advance and am happy to credit you. My labelling and record-taking skills are up there with my scanning skills...

5. I have always had a thing for an earthy, ethnic aesthetic but am pretty particular about it. Think tribal kilim rugs, Indian woodblock printed fabric, old Chinese elm sideboards, French country kitchen tables, collected stones and driftwood and other organicky, natural things. Handcrafted, earthy, simple, lovely.

6. Vegie Gardens - organic, creative, chooky ones. With fruit trees.

7. My friends, particularly my other mum friends - none of whom even know about this blog. In this phase of my life they help show me that I'm not doing it all wrong. Or maybe I am, but then they possibly are too. That's comforting. A bit.

8. Yoga. I've let my practice slip and I miss it. My body's missing it more. It's time to get back to class.

Ok that's 8 not 6 but that must just mean there are lots of things that make me happy. Lucky, because there's also a lot of things that make me cranky. If you've made it this far though, you probably won't keep reading if I start that list...

At risk of breaking blogger bounds, I'm not going to directly tag anyone but if you'd like to share your own tree of happiness, please do.

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving toast magazine too. I ordered the catalogues on line just to look at the pictures. They'll send them out for free! Lovely blog here :)