Sunday, March 15, 2009

Words and Pictures - School Lunches

Joining in on Pip's little task, I had a flashback to the feeling I got when I'd open my (brown) lunchbox at primary school on a day when Mum had decided to give me a little brown treat in my sandwich. The bread was always wholemeal (brown again) and following the colour theme of the seventies, so was the milo inside my sandwich!!! I think it was even sprinkled onto cream cheese instead of butter. (Is that right Mum?)

I always felt a pang of love for my mum when I tucked into lunch, no matter what was on the menu, but on a day when a milo sandwich surfaced, the lovegush was a little bittersweet (ahem) as milo on wholemeal really wasn't to my taste. I love a bit of milo everynow and then but usually in a glass of milk, preferably with less milk than milo so it's really chocolatey. An occasional variation on the theme was with added walnuts. Mum, what were you thinking? xx


Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

Huh? I smell favoritism.
I only got the weird sandwich concoctions of Vegemite and celery or Vegemite and walnut in my lunch box! But I dont remember milo for lunch! -that was reserved for afterskool where we would tuck into a milo sanga on the bornhoffen!!!

Jenny said...

And I thought you loved it!