Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today I discovered a new tier of female bonding. A girlfriend of mine with kids of the same age and I occasionally skype each other when we can't cross town for a proper catch up. This stems from her time living in London when real catch ups were few and far between.

Today, around lunchtime we connected on skype, had a chat, fed our babes in their highchairs in view of each other, toddled off at times to do various jobs with the connection still running, with one kid napping on the couch (we could see) and another kid drawing in front of the monitor (mine).

Tonight I'm pondering on this form of technology assisted connection. Is it a little voyeuristic? Lazy? False? Nah...

Or just another way of feeling closer to our peeps? I reckon if I can keep a sense of connection with my friends of gold once we move, I'll be a happy lady, and any fears of missing the city will be alaid.

On the Packathon 2009 front, we were set back a few days by a dramatic stomach flu that had the whole family competing for the toilet bowl. Ew. All feeling much better now so the pack or chuck continues in a different sense. Ahem.

BTW, the picture above is the view from my soon to be loungeroom. We look so subdued in front of the 'sold' sign below but believe me, we're absolutely wetting ourselves with excitement!


13mimosa said...

I've heard of Skype but how out of touch am I that I have never investigated it. Perhaps I should! I LOVE the view from the window and it makes me imagine low lighting, an open fire and red wine in the room you're looking out of!

Amber said...

Oh my god that is exciting..(the house i mean)
I love skype and keep in contact with my family that way.
Cannot wait to hear all the tales of your new home...xx