Monday, June 1, 2009


Mailswap letters out. Tick
Wardrobes moves out into the garage for sale. Tick
Whole family almost over flu. Tick (Still lots of coughing and snot and misery)
Many boxes of non-essential stuff packed. Tick. (And many more to go)
Many boxes of stuff chucked or in the garage sale pile for the weekend. Tick

So much more to do....

Our boring packing aside, for various reasons I have been thinking about community. Claire found the most lovely thing on building community recently. My misbehaving computer won't let me make this any larger so I hope you can read it.

So many of those points speak to me and I am definitely guilty of hiding in my hidey hole and keeping to myself but there's certainly a community thing happening around me that is really inspiring me to change.

Our neighbours kindly offered us the use of their trailer on the weekend and on discovering that our towbar was not compatible, offered their car as well. Then they also offered to babysit.

Another neighbour, who has an affinity with our ailing cat, offered to take him to the vet as she knew we're in a bit of a tizz with the move. She took him over, paid for it, refused repayment and is currently nursing him back to health.

I have a friend coming over tomorrow who is planning to put her babe down for her megasnooze here and take my non-snoozing children for a walk so I can get some quality sorting done. And there's 2 more of my golden girlfriends planning to do the same.

So you can see why I've been thinking about community. My only problem is in wondering how on Earth I can repay these generous people. (So far I'm thinking along the lines of lavish picnics at our new place once the snow thaws!)

P.S It's not snowing there yet but after the icy chill I experienced there the other day, I know it will!
P.P.S Here's another inspiring community-minded person.

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Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

Good points indeed. Though with half the community oink-ing...maybe you can start your 'love back' when the 'oinks' have passed!!!!
just saying...!