Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's hot + What's not.

Recent baking adventures inspired by the beautiful photography and recipes of M.E

Ooh hello dear neglected blog. It seems the drudgery of life has gotten in the way of my posts to you....

To get me kick started I think I'll indulge in a little of loobylu's what's hot/not game. (But I'm gonna start with the nots so I can end on a positive note).

*Well it's not all drudgery but I do feel up to my neck in domestics and fire plans. Every time I hear the CFA siren go off my stomach flips a little. I've had to pack bags twice already but at least those times have been a good practise run.

*And why did we buy a house without a bath????????????

*Creepy relatives-out-law imposing themselves on our Christmas day. Am I just not getting into the Christmas spirit? Bah - humbug!

*Those bloody deer. Yes the war is on already and the need for very tall fencing has just moved up the priority list. I saw a couple at the bottom of the driveway today so I know for sure we don't just get very tall possums at night and although they are truly beautiful beasts but will somebody tell them to please stop munching on anything that's new in the garden?! (Otherwise we may include venison on the Christmas menu). ((Not really! - I couldn't go there.))

*Wonky hips discovered on smallest householder involving trips to professional peeps with opinions. More opinions to come.


*A planned mid-week getaway for next week to this place for a special friend's birthday.

*Tickets to the circus on the weekend. It's the people circus not the caged animal circus so we'll get to see flexible folks in fancy costumes doing amazing things with their bodies. We likey. Ribbon stick and hula hoop sessions are currently commencing daily around here in anticipation for the Saturday spectacle put on by the NICA almost-pros.

*This beautiful run of mild, sunny days dotted with enough rain to stop the forest from drying up. Just a little longer please.....all these bushfire meetings and pamphlets on 'is your home ready to withstand a raging bushfire at the bottom of your garden' are freaking. me. out.

*Where the Wild Things Are is finally here! And my friend is inside one of those Wild Things suits. I can't wait to see it!

*An upgrade on the kinder teacher for next year.

*Also hot is this sandy playground.

We graced it with our presence on a recent sleepover to my sisters lovely seaside abode.

The littles haven't yet kicked their city habits.

Contrary to Willow's opinion I thought the coffee was quite good. (Don't worry Mum, hers was all milk).

And finally, please excuse the blurry photo but this scene of sisters hugging voluntarily must be enough to warm the cockles of any mothers heart - well mine anyway. My favourite one year old has been busting out much spontaneous affection in the form of bear hugs lately. Mama likey.

Life's pretty good after all...

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