Sunday, December 13, 2009

A little Golden Time

This week the girls and I were lucky enough to spend a couple of days at a beautiful beach house for my dear friends birthday week. We had to leave the baby-daddy behind to work but thoroughly enjoyed our little break from daily routines.

It's amazing how even a small break can be a breath of fresh air into your life, especially when spent in good company.

Munchkins on beach patrol. Man in background is the pied piper.

Dork on a swing

View from the deck. Nice.

Looking with intent!

A moment later Willow was in the pool, instinctively dog paddling but underwater. No photo to show it as I dropped camera in a flash to fish her out (fast as lightning automatic mum response)!
Gratefully (me grateful) she recovered quickly and was fine but geez I'm going to have to watch that one. I suspect she's responsible for the missing Christmas tree decorations from the lower branches of the tree. Anyone else having that problem with their littles?


Feronia said...

Lovely photos - I especially love the colours in the top one.

Amber said...

Oh poor little one, we had a similar scare wih my little girl a few weeks ago, how fast they can go under.
Hope you are all well and yeah looks like you are getting some summery