Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lovin' Summer

Happiest of new years to you lovely, patient peeps who still may drop by here (Yes I know February starts next week!).

We hilltop hoods have been busying ourselves with a lovely balance of activities at home and away, with company or not, and I've even managed a little time to myself!

Here's some of our summer adventures and activities so far......

A trip to fairyland by way of the Fitzroy gardens.

Painting sessions.

A teddy wedding.
Where some of the guests were found to lack a little self control!

Garden tea parties involving sickly sweet, mouth puckeringly sour, gooey but somehow highly addictive lemon meringue pie.

I am slowly coming to terms with how slow my oven is, but obviously I have had this realisation since making this pie. The meringue was more foam than chew (but we devoured it anyway!)

Many a moment relaxing in the garden.

And swinging at the park.

A trip to the ballet for a small girl.

Divine homegrown dahlias. Note to self - next year, stake the flowers before they sprout so they don't fall over.

And many an evening pondering nature.

For someone who occasionally complains of too little time to read these days, I have managed to demolish the entire Twilight saga in under two weeks and I must say, thoroughly enjoyed it! I had no intention of reading the series until they were foisted upon me by my sister who said something like, "Read. You will love." Ah, and I promptly found myself back in the teenage
world of delicious angst, drama, fantasy and romance...

Finally, we've spent lots of time in the company of this lovely fella, Ambrose, and his accomodating family who also happen to be my parentals. They put us up whenever our fire plan says we have to leave the mountain, and I get the sweet bonus of spending extra time with my mum! I hope she doesn't mind too much.


Jen said...

She doesn't mind at all.

Jen said...

She doesn't mind at all.