Sunday, March 14, 2010

We Have Nuts!

It was to my great delight that I discovered the big shade tree who's canopy hangs over the garage is actually a prolifically fruiting walnut. So for a few days in Summer, the girls and I delighted in gathering the fallen nuts and as the photos show, ended up with quite a harvest.

A bit of interwebs research told me that I needed to don stain proof garb and get to hulling and washing the nuts before leaving them to dry out before they would be ready to eat.

Alas, due to my time restrictions/procrastination/sheer laziness our harvest has been neglected and as I did not get to hull and dry them quickly enough the walnuts have either become dessicated or gone mouldy. I resolve next year to set aside a day or two after harvest and finish off the process in time so we can enjoy the omega 3 packed goodness from our garden!

Believe me, I'm kicking myself.

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