Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Few Words. Many Pictures.

A vividly beautiful Autumn has set in up here in the Dandenongs and as we moved here only last Winter, I am reveling in the spectacular palette of colour it has smattered around us. I have now witnessed almost a complete annual cycle in the garden so I have a good idea of what happens when, and now I can launch into my grand funds allow...

In the garden the Tigerellas continue their bounty.

Autumn seedlings are planted.

There are signs of life in my potted Coral Bark Maple that I thought had dehyrated to death.

And small people honing their gardening skills.

Inside, there are rainbows on my pages.

Hearty cooler weather salads involving couscous or quinoa with roasted pumpkin, herbs and flaked almonds.

And of course an almost constant supply of baked things.

Small people around here are way into that.

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Victoria said...

Hello ted and cheeky miss!