Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quinoa Epiphany.

Way back in my early Naturopath days I learned about a curious grain called quinoa (pronounced 'keen-wa') which was purported to be a nutrient dense, fibre rich, protein packed alternative to rice. After a half-hearted and poor attempt to cook it I dismissed it as too wholesome even for me.

More recently I have rediscovered the grain and realizing that I must have really been a dodgy and/or lazy cook to stuff it up I am finding it to be a delicious and even preferable alternative to rice and couscous. Abundant availability has aided this epihany and even my local stupormarket stocks the grain in white, red and black!

After a somewhat shaky start, I have discovered quinoa to be a hit with the small folk of the house.
First taste (after removing from own bowl and transferring deftly to plastic lid for consumption). Ech! No thanks Mum!

What is that texture on my tongue? Get it off!

Eh, perhaps I'll try a bit more, just in case...

Actually I'm really in to this, now I'm going to eat yours too!

Quinoa Salad

Cook about 1 part rinsed quinoa in 2 parts rapidly boiling water until softened but not sloppy. (Look for the 'Saturn-ring' that appears when it's ready). I used a mix of white and red quinoa just because) and drain.

Add salady ingredients according to season and what you have already. I used a small tin of tuna, chopped red onion, avocado, left over cooked broccoli, crumbled fetta and chopped herbs. Grated carrot would be a good addition.

Dress with olive oil and sherry vinegar/lemon juice.
Season to taste and bon appetit!


screamstress said...

We eat tonnes of couscous and rice, and I've known about quinoa, but been scared of it! Yours looks and sounds easy and delicious, so I'm inspired to give it a shot. Also, I love the fishy mobile hanger - it looks great!

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

Hmm - I will give it a try. Make me some?

Victoria said...

You know I'm yet to try it - how bad is that?!

Wendy said...

Love,love, love quinoa!