Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mountain Missive

It has almost been a year since we moved up to the Dandenongs and I think we're about 90% sure it was the right thing to do. (Leaving a margin for the times particularly during bushfire season where we simply say WTF did we do THAT for?) The spectacular Autumn just passed helped to anchor my deep love for this place and even as the Winter sets in I am making new connections, discovering new places and becoming entrenched in the community that now has my heart.

After doing some extensive research on the local educational facilities I happily enrolled the eldest into the local primary school for next year. (Already?!!! Wasn't she just born?!!) Their Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program and Permaculture garden was a massive drawcard but the educational curriculum, namely the Walker Learning Approach won us over as well. I had a little tour with the school principal and found that each classroom we visited was full of seemingly contented and engaged kids. The teachers were teaching in a relaxed, and engaged way and didn't have to waste their time to stop to 'discipline' kids every 30 seconds. Hopefully their enthusiasm is not just for when visitors walk in...

Random pic of self sown silverbeet that gives me a little thrill everytime
I look out the loungeroom window. I am apparently easily pleased.

Speaking of Permaculture, I have bought a small load of bare rooted heritage fruit trees from Pete the Permie to begin our mini orchard and am seriously considering doing some study in the field...could be a new career direction..

Oh, and look who came to live at our house! These pretty ladies are Belgian Bantams, and the brown blur in the middle is Coco the silkie.

I'm still working on better enclosure and day run. There's just too many predators around to let them free-range so I figure a decent run should keep them safe and happy.


Screamstress said...

Your photos are so beautiful! And the school sounds lovely, I can't believe I'm sending my eldest to school next year too - I still want him to have an afternoon nap sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Have a look at the chook run shown in the photo gallery for Stephanie Alexander's school garden at Bitter PS.
I think you could construct something similar with some help.

PottyMouthMama said...

It looks amazing and sounds amazing.

I went and looked at schools around our area and felt depressed.. And now reading this, I feel even more sad!!

Your hens are gorgeous, your silverbeet abundant. Life smells good.