Friday, June 4, 2010

I Love This!

via hula seventy

This clip makes me feel a little hopeful, a bit melancholy, a lot grateful and so aware of the passing of time! I like how it's celebrating the small moments in (a first world, mainly middle class) life and is a reminder to me that each moment, no matter how seemingly mundane, is a valid piece of your life. Life is happening all the time. Not just in the exciting parts or the future bits you have mapped out in your brain.

If you have a spare 4 minutes and 16 seconds check it out. (Look out for the awesome letterbox.)


Jen said...

Surely I'm not the only one to read your lovely blogs!

Jasmine said...

You could well be...but that's ok. It's not like I do anything to promote the blog or even update it regularly...
The name probably doesn't help. It's so on the downlow that nobody even knows about it!