Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hi there! Just a quicky post to break my unexpected blogging hiatus and say to any other Melburnians (and Adelaidians for that matter) Phewy! Aren't you glad the worst of it's over?!

I chose to abandon my house and garden during the onslaught of plus 40 degree heat and flee to the hills where my parents live in a much cooler house. This is pretty much where we've sat for the last few days.

Every now and then moving over a metre or two over to do this. (We have a very clever, resourceful and thoughtful nanna at hand).

Or this.

While I'm pleased that my babes have not baked, I was pretty saddened to come home to my crispy fried garden this afternoon, with a dessicated vegie patch and several scorched or deady bone trees. What's even sadder is the thought of distressed wildlife that couldn't find water and people who lost their electricity and had limited options to keep themselves cool and hydrated.

The scary thing is, this is probably just a taste of what's to come every summer so I am starting to think of ways to be a little less vulnerable and a little more self sufficient if we are to live in such a dry, hot place.

My sister found a novel way to deal with the heatwave. I think she's onto something and I would like to join her.

I'm planning to post a little more regularly if I can get it together so i'll be back soon.

In the meantime R.I.P Domino.

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