Monday, February 2, 2009


A hot day drink as suggested by Victoria. Icy, fruity, nutritious yumminess.

Could've had a bit longer in the whizzer though.

I wonder if my kids will grow up and think I was a bit weird the way I would often stop them from consuming their meal or drink for a minute so I could take a few snaps first. Hmm.


13mimosa said...

I wonder the same thing myself and honestly, I miss most of the shots that I'd love. Last night Ella played mum to Leila - read her stories, brushed her teeth and put her into bed (even changed her nappy!) - but I was too slow to catch any of them well.

Amber said...

Oh yummmm. I think the same thing about the photo's my babies have their whole life photographed...hehehe...i wonder what they think about it.

I have tagged you for an award....come and check it out..xx