Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Market Wednesday

In lieu of living our (my) Agrarian dreams my little girls and I regularly visit this place - a hub of community activity, organic fruit and vegies from the Wednesday and Saturday market, permaculture, chooks, sandpits, lunch and unfortunately pretty crap hot drinks. Regardless, CERES in Brunswick East rocks it for us and today, being carless, I packed up the girls and overcame my public transport hesitancy, and bussed it on over. Not that hard really, considering the bus stop is close to home, has some kind of fancy wheelchair and pram low-riding facility, and dropped us off at the doorstep of our destination. Said hesitancy has something to do with my control issues but that's another story. PT is important to reduce avoidable car trips and the bus ride was fun with excited 3 year old and (temporarily) mellow baby.

The 'fwod' pond.

For urban children, and parents for that matter, this place is a gem in our twinkling city.

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