Monday, July 19, 2010

The Op Shop Gods Were Smiling...

...not on me, but on one of my besties who had the good grace and generosity to hand it over! She has sons and they probably wouldn't wear such a pretty frock and jacket so my 4 and a half year old scored! Big time. This is vintage botanical print swingy sun frock with matching bolero jacket!

Divine yes?

I'll probably change the buttons on the dress for something more delicate.

Even better, the 4 year old is prepared to wear it! (I tried to hide my excitement a little in case it put her off). Just not as a model for my little photo shoot today.

But I do have evidence of swing factor from its first spin.


Screamstress said...

That is beautiful! Wish it were in my size ha ha

Anonymous said...

The opshop gods were smiling. Thats a cracker of a dress and loving the twirl factor.