Friday, July 16, 2010

Teaching an old dog new tricks

Current brain research talks about how the brain is actually far more plastic than previously thought and it turns out that when an area of the brain is damaged, other areas come in to play and have the capacity to take over function.

It got me thinking that with my apparently undamaged brain, maybe I should utilise it a little more and begin with learning some simple new skills. Thanks to my good friend youtube I had a couple of free lessons starting with finger knitting. This topic was chosen first as I was knitting (with needles) a tiny dolls blanket on request this morning. When the bigger of the smalls expressed an interest to have a go I thought of finger knitting as an achievable place to start, providing I learn it too.

And I have photographic evidence of our efforts...

Which led me to try a type of plait that I have now come to know as a fishtail braid; a more interesting version of the humble plait.
And apart from the slight porno feel of this clip, I found it to be the most useful tutorial.

Again, our efforts...

I bet all my Steiner educated friends already have these crafty skills and more tucked away in their bags of tricks ready to use. I may have learned to conjugate French verbs during my grammar school education a skill long forgotten anyway, if ever mastered, but knitting and making really would have come in a lot more handy! So it may be after lunchtime and I may not be showered yet but I have 2 new (modest) skills that I did not have when I woke up this morning. See? You can teach an old dog new tricks!

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Pedro said...

Hi Jazz - i was just surfing for some soft porn pony tail videos and bumped into your site. Love it! I've watched it twice.

Seriously, i am digging your style on the script and the shots. You have a talent! The best thing you could do right now is buy that digi SLR, and a $50 50mm f2.8 lens and start snapping away furiously. That little canon is very good on macro it seems, but you'll be amazed at the increased quality, depth of field blah etc on bigger glass.