Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Blog is Born!

Ok. Here i am. Hello. I've been deliberating and procrastinating about starting my own blog for months now; inspired by the writing and photos of others and feeling a bit cheeky about enjoying other people's blog without contributing anything myself. My apprehension was mainly because i couldn't quite decide on a topic or theme to stick to. I love craft blogs but i'm not a particularly prolific crafter, i love yoga but i couldn't be bothered writing about it all the time, i love being a parent but i'd rather read about it than write about it and i enjoy writing occasionally but not usually for the consumption of others (i am perhaps scarred by the comments of my year 10 teacher who said my writing was "obscure"...i had thought i was being poetic! ).

However, with a little encouragement from the lovely Leah of Hyena in Petticoats, here i go! I realised that what i really enjoy about other blogs is the day to day stuff that is shared and occasional bursts of inspiration from a beautiful photo or story or humour. I can have a humble little blog (and i've got nothing to sell) and create a collection of snippets of things that i love or am inspired by.

Anyway, the photo below is of the thing that i love the most in the world;

And here is another beautiful thing;

but i only had a hand in creating one of them.


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Hyena In Petticoats said...


Welcome to blogland, Jasmine! It's so good to see you!
Your daughter is gorgeous... what a cutie!