Thursday, October 18, 2007

Desicions, decisions

fairy watching tv

The time has come to apply for kinders for my wee chicken and I'm agonizing over it. I can't believe that she's about to turn just two and we already have to think about these things for the year after next.

Big D and i walked around to one the other day and were able to cross it off the list because of the asbestos warning sign near the front door!! That leaves me with three others to list in order of preference. One is a short walk and right next to a choice strip of cafes. Another is a slightly longer walk over a major road and has a great reputation. The other is somewhere around here but not walking distance.

I know choosing a kinder is not about proximity to caffeine. It's about educational standards and facilities and such things. I have some strong memories of my kinder, and i also met one of my closest friends there so that's why i don't take the decision lightly. My little girl might make some connections and have experiences that will impact on her life.

Ok now i think i'm getting dramatic. I think i'm just gonna go with the close-to-coffee option. Plus, they have a really cute vegie garden.

Double lot of birthdays on the weekend so cupcakes and festivities to prepare. There's a chance however that I'll miss the party if I'm called in to help with that little bub that's on it's way. I think it may be waiting so it can share a birthday with me or my little one. I've already pretty much relinquished my birthday because the little girl's is one day later. What's one more to share with?

Alright, off to bed now. I've been looking at this screen so long my eyeballs are getting itchy.


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Suse said...

Yeah, big decisions. Have you got a mothers' group, or local maternal health nurse you can ask and get a feel for the reputations of the two walking distance kinders? I'd also highly recommend dropping in on them while they're 'in action' so you can see the teachers and children interacting. Each kinder has its own highly distinct flavour ...

Good luck!