Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Beginnings

Well that was an unintentional break! Things got a little hectic 'round here with my birthday and the girl's second birthday and so many cakes to be made and birthday picnics to be had and...babies to be born...and pregnancies to discover!!!

Being there for the birth of my close friend's bub was such a moving experience. It took days to come down from but there was also a bit of worry in the air as new bub wasn't breathing properly. What began as a powerful, peaceful, primal experience quickly turned to action stations and mild shock as the baby was whisked away moments after birth to get her lungs working. She actually ended up in intensive care for a couple of days, but to cut a long story short, little baby is fully recovered and has gone home to begin her babymoon.

The birth experience itself was quite epic as the labour started and stopped for a couple of days. My friend was an absolute champion though and she breathed her way through the whole process.

There is a Work in Progress that involves a reincarnation of the singlet idea, so I'll post photos when they're done. I write that simply to force myself to get on with it.

I have also been avoiding my computer as looking at the monitor for more than a couple of minutes exacerbates this MORNING SICKNESS (!!) that attacks me in the evenings. I found out I'm pregnant on my birthday Sunday week ago and since then I've busted out in all sorts of oh- so- enjoyable pregnancy side effects. Although tonight, the hurl factor has subsided enough for me to quickly scribble an update but already i can feel my mind bending to those mush-inducing hormones and i fear not much sense will flow from these fingertips.

Ok. I think i've reached my screen limit. Better reach for the Rennies and ginger tea before it's too late....


Hyena In Petticoats said...

Congratulations! Such wonderful news!
I wonder if there is a correlation between blogging and falling pregnant? There are babies popping up everywhere!
I hope you fell better soon, love - take it easy!


shula said...

Well, congratulations.

Lovely shots.

Suse said...

Happy news!

Anonymous said...

Hi...just stumbled on your blog - thought id say hi. I too am relatively new to blogland - come visit if you like!