Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Endings and Beginnings

I think this Spring is going to end up being one of the most poignant for me ever. A few weeks ago i had the honor of being included in the last few weeks of my little friends life. He almost made it to his eighth birthday but died of cancer a few weeks short. He didn't really know he was dying, as his parents didn't want to frighten him, but he knew he was very sick and it was my special job to give him lots of back and tummy rubs to help ease the discomfort.

During those last weeks, while feeling so rotten, he managed to pack a few special activities in. One wish was to announce a song by his dad's band on his favourite radio station Triple R in Melbourne. Another was to host a premiere screening of an unreleased movie for all his classmates. The Make A Wish Foundation so generously made it happen.

After he was gone 450 people+ turned up to the funeral to say goodbye and many stood up to share some memories or a funny little story. Even the school janitor had a story to tell (apparently my cheeky friend kept the janitor quite busy) regarding an impromptu lesson on the creation and mixing of paint pigment during one of their chats. My little friend had returned a few days later proclaiming "i know what the pig meant!" There were many of these stories told by ex-teachers, school friends and parents. What a character and what an impact he made on so many people in such a short time!

I've been thinking this week how as the grief is starting to subside for me as i turn my attention back to life, it must just be just as fresh and raw for his mum and dad. I'm so sad they won't get to know him as a teenager or a grown man, or ever be grandparents, and for all the other implications of losing your only child. I would so love to post a photo of him, when he looked healthier and happy and beautiful, but i don't feel i can without running it by his folks first. We'll always miss you little darling.

The other part of this story regards the beginning of life. One of my closest friends is due to have her first baby very soon and she's asked me to be at the birth! What makes it even more special is that she was at the birth of my daughter almost 2 years ago. And she took this picture.

This was taken at the business end of the experience and was the tamest photo i had. But look at the expression on my mister's face! He looks terrified! Hee hee. We both survived....So i hope i can be as useful to my dear friend in her birthing experience as she was for me, reminding me to 'breathe my baby down'. And that i did.


Hyena In Petticoats said...

What a beautiful friend you are. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of such a sweet friend. But it's true - amidst death there is life - and the new baby will bring some fresh beginnings.....

I love the birthing picture - though you can't see anything really, it speaks volumes.....


shula said...

I'm gutted just reading this.

I can only imagine what his folks must be going through.

margie said...

you must be a very special person to be asked to be at both the beginning and the end of human life. to go thru these experience's takes a lot of courage and what we learn from it and do with this knowledge is up to us.. it is a privilege to read this thank you for sharing your story. Margie