Sunday, November 2, 2008

Me You Too

At the risk of this blog being all about my kids, here is another picture of the big one. This time in a basket.

Arie in a basket

My photographer friend Inga had an impromptu photo sesh the other day during our visit. Had I known she was going to whip out the camera I would have brushed the kid's hair!

The photo above is just a sneakypeak at what Inga did. Apparently there's many more to come and a whole lot of my baby girl too. Maybe Inga's nailed that newborn photo that I just can't get. I can't wait to see!

I've always shied away from the shopping mall kids photo scene and I'm well aware of the $10 offers to hook you in and before you know it you've blown five hundy on prints coz how could you possibly bin a photo of your own gorgeous kid?

Well lucky me to have Inga. Nuff said.

More of Inga's work can be found here


Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

Up the prices on the shopping mall numbers! My mate Loz had a free session at a kiddie pic joint, after the pics were done they felt the love and ponied up the moolah -2.5K spent in that flash! Whao nelly - but they still are nothin on Ingas!
Your kidlings are super cute!

13mimosa said...

I'm sitting here wondering how she got inside the basket! We got Ella's kinder photos back today - $75.50 for about 7 photos I think - I haven't paid yet, get this, no personal cheques only cash or money orders. Oh and you also can't remove them from the kinder you have to just look at them there so you don't go home and scan them and not buy any.