Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Rhythm Of Life (is a powerful beat)

And again with the rhythm theme, I often get this song stuck in my head; sometimes for days at a time. (Sorry if you do now too!) I think to my brain it might represent a sense of celebrating the day to day things, the activities we undertake during the day and the little moments we have as a family.
Like baking a test-run batch of bikkies for Christmas gifts. (Lucky they were a test batch - the icing was terrible!)



And a bit of bread baking. Actually, my first loaf from scratch. Am rather proud.




walk against warming 08

So on the weekend we ditched the fair and PT'd it into town for the march. Numbers seemed a little down from last year but I still saw a sea of people in both directions as we turned from Flinders street into Spring street.

walk against warming 08

walk against warming 08

I wonder if people are getting a little fatigued over the issue of global warming from seeing it in our media everyday? The problem is, it's not an issue that will go away and if anything, the situation is more serious than ever. The march, to me, was a reminder to reconsider what we are doing and how we are living. I have large-scale fantasies of water tanks and solar panels on the roof but there's plenty of small scale changes to make in the meantime. Truth be told I'm terrified of the kind of world our babies will have to face as adults and I don't want them thinking we did nothing while we had the chance.


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13mimosa said...

It is a scary thought and you know what's scarier, the fact that the big issues we face, most often people put off action because they feel it is too BIG to make a difference. As you say, if we all do our bit, the little bit of everyone adds up to something more.