Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Request for Purple Playdough


I added a little cornflour to the mix to see if it would soften the dough. An unnecessary addition so I discovered. If anything, it dried out the dough a little.
(BTW, if you have littles have you ever made gloop? A bowl of cornflour and water mixed together constitutes a very good rainy day activity that feels a little like a scientific experiment).


A more worthy addition was a few drops of lavender essential oil, the scent of which is reactivated each time warm hands work the dough.

She Grabs

A new sensory experience for the smallest one.


Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

It pleases me to see how you are raising my niece!
When I breed - can you do all this stuff for the lill tyke so i can get on with saving the world from one uga house at a time?!!

Amber said...

Oh wonderful and the medicinal properties from the oil being steeped into your babies hands and skin from the dough. What a wonderful idea. I love this. Note to self: must create this at some point...xxxx

jodi said...

love your coloured playdough - can't wait till my little one plays with it instead of eating it!

Donna said...

The mixing colors looks wonderful. Makes me want to dive right in and play with it myself.